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Version BETA 1.0
Első kiadás September 15, 2021
Utolsó frissítés October 29, 2021
Fájl mérete 509.75 MB
Downloads 38,592
Status Még nincs letöltve
Ez a fájl vírusellenőrzésen esett át, és biztonságosan letölthető.
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  • Version BETA 1.0 October 29, 2021

    Updated Textures & Model Inside & Out
    Cyclic - Single or Dual Click the Cyclic Bar (button or yellow collar)
    Yaw Strings - Phase 1 - Red Button Cyclic
    Yellow Floats / Silver & Navy Livery in addition to Gold & Black
    Internal Sounds now working for most active switches & levers
    Low RPM Horn Active
    New Rotor Animations
    Doors Now Open Separately (Rear Doors Open with Clicking Rear Seat Backs)
    New Door Furniture with Animated Soft Close on Pilot Door
    Door Window Opening on Pilot Door
    Garmin GTN750 installed replacing Garmin Aera
    Updated Realistic Texture on windshields
    Scaled Instrument Panel to accurately represent size
    New High Resolution Gauge Textures
    All Gauge Data Remapped and Calibrated (inc Compass)
    Upgraded Windscreen Effects
    All New Effects Library for hovering and entering leaving ground effect
    Compatible with SU6+ and AirlandFS 1.4+
    Governor Warning Light & Switch

  • Version 3.1 October 13, 2021

    GPS Clickable Regions Changed - Can now Hide Sun Visor and GPS
    Manual Trimming Calibrated to be less sensitive and more accurate
    Various Model & Texture tidy
    Lowered External Model Poly Count to Make Model Less Resource Hungry
    Floats - New UV Map and 4k Texture
    Downwash Effects - Restored
    Manifold Pressure Gauge recalibrated - more accurate
    Two new Flight Model Configurations - Blue and Black
    Blue Flight Model 1.0 - Default - Great for all Users
    Black Flight Model 1.0 - Custom Home Setups and Pro Users
    Updated 3.1 Quick Start Manual and Installation Instructions

  • Version 3.0 October 08, 2021

    Swapped CoPilot for Pilot
    Circuit Breaker Board Installed
    Overhead Ceiling Ducts and vents Installed
    Rotor Brake & Animation (Rotor Brake Non Operational)
    Clutch Switch Animation (Clutch Non Operational)
    Main Rotor Mast - Better Join with Main Body
    Skids - Better Joint with Skid Mounts
    New Animations, Sounds & Switch Labels for Lower 4 Switches
    Improved internal Textures & Finishes
    Landing Light Switch Moved to Cyclic Mast from the Cyclic Handle
    Fuel Primer - Located to Correct Position (Key) & Labelled
    Starter moved to Collective in addition to key (Key will become Mag & Fuel Prime in future release)
    Manual Trim in Flight Enabled
    General Texture and Label Improvements
    Thumbnail Updated
    Windshield Weather Effects
    Doors - Clickable Region Optimised to Handles, External Sounds Added
    Main Rotor Blade Model Correction (1 inverted)
    Added Canopy & Tie Downs (Canopy Switch) on Cyclic
    Updated Start Procedure
    Works with Latest Version of Airland FS 1.3 BETA (Download from Flightsim.to)
    New and Updated Flight Model (Version3) r44.cfg for use with AirlandFS
    Includes Original Alpha1 and Alpha2 Flight Models (Both Compatible with this release)
    Annunciation Lights Operative - LOW RPM, LOW FUEL, STARTER ON, CLUTCH, ALTERNATOR, BRAKE
    Cyclic T-Bar Remains Horizontal through Animation as real life
    Cyclic Animation calibrated more accurate representation of real life
    Collective Animation calibrated - more accurate representation of real life
    Added Clipper II Livery
    Added Floats (switch from Cyclic Switch)
    Alpha3 is 15% through project, 85% uncomplete

  • Version 2.0 September 24, 2021

    Revisions in version Alpha Release Candidate 2.0

    - New compass - correct headings
    - Stall warning removed
    - Interior sounds lowered slightly
    - New Interior Rotor & Engine Sounds (still very much WIP)
    - Glass Window installed in Roof
    - Attitude / Horizon Indicator fixed
    - New engine, flightmodel and systems configurations
    - AUX & Main Tanks, Fuel System now fully functional (was only using Main)
    - Rear no smoking sign - adjusted to stop flicker in VR
    - Fixed and calibrated fuel aux needle
    - Electrical Systems Updated
    - Lighting - Brightened Outside Lights, Lowered Interior Lights
    - New Comms System / Transponder & Radio (Fully Operational) Lower Transponder
    - Updated Thumbnails
    - New Cyclic with Interactive Switches
    - Doors Show / Hide
    - New GPS & Sun Cover (Cover can be hidden by clicking compass)
    - Avionics Switch on Cyclic
    - Parking Brakes released once flying
    - Working Mixture Lever
    - MAP Calibration
    - CofG Calibration
    - More Contact Points - Less Bounce
    - Latest AirlandFS Application
    - New & Improved Interior & External Model and Textures
    - Updated Livery Pack (pinned on RSP Discord > Help & Support > RobinsonR44)

  • Elindult September 15, 2021

    A fájl első kiadása most indult el. Üdvözöljük a fedélzeten!

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400 Megjegyzések

Have and will continue to crash again and again, thank you for such a great heli.

Hi, it’s great to have this. Is there a plan to make the controls VR controllable now that’s it’s possible if MSFS?

fantastic , but stupid basic question, how to remove copilot in cockpit? thanks

Love this, soo much fun to fly! Such great work by the developers 😊 2 Questions.. 1 can we make and upload custom liveries for this? and

2- Can you make us a Guimbal Cabri G2??? Pleaaassssee!!! lol!

Keep up the great work, looking forward to updates! Tyler.

what is the rudder pedal assignment please?

Since last update , While in VR the right eye is showing a mirror like lens on the gps, is their any kind of fix for this? Other than that great mod.

Hello thank you for RSP, just wondering is there anyone who can tell me why when I fly with this Heli the screen becomes very dark and then light again, is there anything I have done wrong?

Hello great helicopter. Is it allowed to stream YT videos of this Helicopter? I want to take it for a flight but not sure If I was allowed to do that. Thank You



17 day(s) ago / Megköszönte rotorsimpilot

Thanks RSP and team for this stunning piece of work. Runs with no issues. Hard to believe it is both freeware and in Beta! I will happily pay for a finished version of this and the others in the offing.

Will there ever be an option to choose between AirlandFS and a default flight model?

After the SU7 update we have Volocopter so it is possible or could it be done so that the community can choose what to use?



19 day(s) ago / Megköszönte rotorsimpilot

Awesome, the best chopper till now. Will follow the project closely. This brings me good memories from the dodosim 206 for FSX.



21 day(s) ago / Megköszönte rotorsimpilot

excellent work.

Most excellent job with this helicopter. I really love the challenge of flying this model. How unusual is it to have an aircraft dependent on another application, the way this model is dependent on AirLandFS?

Im having issues with the screen turning on in the center of the window.. It wont turn on when i switch on the avionics switch..

Someone, asked me what the red and white long flowing tube is, at the rear area of the Robinson R44,is there a simple explanation? Great helo, much better flight dynamics, than the payware Bell



1 month(s) ago / Megköszönte rotorsimpilot

Great helicopter. Keep up the good work. We need more helicopters. Love it.

I update the R44 and the newest airlandfs, was working fine, a couple days later now it has this annoying stutter every 2 or 3 seconds, like a hiccup when flying, anyone knows what's going on?



1 month(s) ago / Megköszönte rotorsimpilot

OMG, guys, you have put a smile on my face for the first time in MSFS!!

This is the first helicopter that feels right and I have flown the payware 47G too.

I am flying it using the Black profile and realism to 100%. It just took some axis slope adjustments in FSUIPC and it flies like a dream!

I know HTR very well as I have created many profiles for FSX, but never hoped to have it available in MSFS. Now AirlandFS does it perfectly for this R44, I'm almost crying... 😊 Great job both on the model and the AirlanFS profile!!

I just had a look at the profile itself and it brought me old memories, optimizing the thing until perfection (almost)...

I appreciate your hard work but I'm 75 and not a computer techie so it's not for me. I'm waiting for the day someone makes a helicopter, and the instruction is "Just drop this into your community folder", Which is why I don't have any helicopters.



1 month(s) ago / Megköszönte rotorsimpilot

Great mod, getting better and better!

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