Version 1.4 Beta
Első kiadás October 02, 2021
Utolsó frissítés October 30, 2021
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6,135 | VII Senior First Officer

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  • Version 1.4 Beta October 30, 2021

    Ground physics support
    Aircraft automatic load fixes
    please read updated readme 1.4 file
    Updated wind strength

  • Version 1.3 Beta October 08, 2021

    Unzip to your Community Folder in order to automatically find helicopter profiles and launch after launching MSFS

    Helicopter profiles are now saved in each helicopter folder with the format AirlandFS_XXX.cfg where XXX is the ATC Name of the helicopter.

    If you want to customize your profiles, copy such profile in the profiles folder and do changes there , it will be loaded automatically as long as you do not change the profile name.

  • Elindult October 02, 2021

    A fájl első kiadása most indult el. Üdvözöljük a fedélzeten!

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79 Megjegyzések

Really cool flight physics!! Thanks to this, helicopters don't feel like drones xD Regards

Is there a way to set this so cyclic displacement is absolute? ie if I displace the stick right and hold it the aircraft won't continually roll more and more to the right? ( or indeed if I return the stick to neutral it comes back to a neutral position rather than stopping at whatever bank angle it's at ). For a springless stick with no detents the fixed-wing style control philosophy is not fun.

Otherwise the couple of craft I've tried with this feel pretty fluid, nice job.

loaded correctly, moved every lever, still wont fly

je n'ai pas pu le tester ? pourquoi airland et autres je ne comprends pas !! dommage (corbeille) pas d'encombrement sur msfs.

do I need an AirlandFS profile for the AH135? if so, how do I create this profile. Thanks

dosent work for me it doesnt recognize any aircraft although i installed it correctly any help?

Fantastic plugin, thank you very much for making this. A few weeks ago, some time after I first used AirlandFS, I tried to load the profile for the R44, but I am unable to load ANY profiles? Have since moved AirlandFS to Community folder (was in custom folder for MSFS Addons Linker) but I still cannot get it to load any CFG profile?

Please help!

what program do you use to open airlandfs.exe

i just get alot of text

I am flying in VR, but on many aircraft, the reaction by maneuvering the aircraft is not stable for a long time.😱

"Simulation stopped" while parked before wearing the VR headset

May appear frequently.

However, since VR is used during flight, the display cannot be confirmed.

I always have the latest version of airlandFS in the root of my C drive and always manually specify the cfg file.

Immediately before the start of the flight, "Connected to MSFS" is displayed on the airlandfs screen.

On the other hand, as mentioned above, it seems that the display of the MSFS LCD monitor sometimes shows airlandfs that "simulation has stopped".

Isn't this normal?

Is airlandfs and MSFS frequently separated for some reason?

The PC is 5800x and 3080Ti.

Great work.

It took me a while to understand how to find the profiles. But it's a great addon.

AirlandFS does not work on my system - not even with administrator privilege's. In the event display of WIN10 is written that a file cannot be loaded. It reports event 1026 .NET runtime and event 1000 Application Error. Win10 is up to date.

Any ideas?

Amazing stuff people, AirlandFS+R44 is simply beyond words !!!

Great work, Fred and team, it's great to see you back in business for MSFS too!!

What to do to get the copter off the ground w/airlandFS_R44.cfg

Amazing stuff Fred - Thank you

Hi. Fallow instruction in the readme folder. Cano't run airlandfs.exe

I download and install to community folder helicopter R44 and folder AirlandFs. Folder cfg profiles copy from R44 to folder AirlandFs/profiles.

I cano't run. Please.

Excellent addon, thanks!

why is the exe file not there in the download

so I am wondering if I have just messed something up or if this completely changes the entire games flight modle. I am unable to fly fixed wing aircraft with this installed. i will say that i love this and it is amazing for rotary aircraft but i can not fly a normal plane anynmore and it has completly broke my game in that aspect.

Hype H145 supported by this mod?

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