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“MFS Addon Collector” Automatically Extracts, Analyses, Tests, Tags, Rates, Updates, Links (to their web page) and classifies your addon collection into Airports, Aircraft, Sceneries, Liveries, Missions, Discovery flights, Bush trips, Landing challenges, Training flights, Flight plans, Sound and Aircraft enhancements, divides them into...

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“MFS Addon Collector” Automatically Extracts, Analyses, Tests, Tags, Rates, Updates, Links (to their web page) and classifies your addon collection into Airports, Aircraft, Sceneries, Liveries, Missions, Discovery flights, Bush trips, Landing challenges, Training flights, Flight plans, Sound and Aircraft enhancements, divides them into meaningful categories you select, based on their types, features, location, developer, creation date, version, relevant tags, source archive, problematic issues etc, associating them in a number of useful ways, tests them to make sure they don't prevent the simulator from loading, organizes their disk folder hierarchy as you specify, link the ones you select to the simulator (based on their specific title, category or your presets), automatically compose the shortest flight plans between their locations and statically presents, dynamically tracks and visually logs (in a web page) your flights among them on one of 50 styles of maps, letting you also drag and drop your aircraft anywhere on face of the earth.

For easy accessibility this information gathered is presented either as a categories tag tree, a thumbnailed information blocks list, an editable, sortable, searchable, multi-filtered grid, a simple edit form, and as location pins, path tacks, object buttons and area symbols on a map.

Sim Update 11
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February 19, 2021
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9 hour(s) ago — 7.6.2



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  • Updated to version 7.6.2

  • Updated to version 7.6.1

  • Updated to version 7.5.9

  • Updated to version 7.5.8

  • Updated to version 7.5.7

  • Updated to version 7.5.4

  • Initial File Release

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© Shay Katzir - All rights reserved. A szerző előzetes írásbeli hozzájárulása nélkül tilos a fájl újratöltése vagy terjesztése. Ezt a Flight Simulator 2020 modot a következő készítette Shay Katzir and shared in Utilities » Applications a oldalon. Microsoft Flight Simulator.

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Terminated is probably a more acceptable term than Aborted, to be fair.

Latest version 7.4.3 is not opening, crashes before loading just after the splash screen art 😞

Sometime in the past 4-6 months the auto-update function has stopped working for me. Is there anything you recommend to make this work again on a Windows 11 machine?

Hi, I would like to change the type of an addon which is airport class and must be a scenery how should I do it


I used MSFS AddonsLinker before, I saw your MFS AddOn Collector last few days, I tried it, but now it get stuck after load MSFS2020 loading bar, the msfs2020 pop-out, do I need to deleted all the mod on main msfs202's folder Community first and uninstall MSFS AddonsLinker, all my mod installed in another drive

my main msfs2020 install in d: , my mod installed in e:

do I need to delete all Community in 




first, Thanks a lot

I also have some paid ware luketools,vfrmap,h145, gsx pro ,gtn750,Neofly...

This file is a .rar file, how do I open it or get it to run? The problem I have is that I've downloaded some add-on files that are also .rar files and I can't get them to appear in MSFS. I'm taking the downloaded .rar file and putting it directly into my communities folder but apparently these files need to be extracted, however, like your AddOn manager, since it is a .rar file I can't get it to open so I can use it as intended. Help!

This is a great program.

I need a little help. I have a fairly vast mod library that I've downloaded from and a few other sources. As a result, I'm unable to use this program because when it gets done extracting all of my mods, it eats up so much so space that it fills the remaining 1.4 TB of free space I have on my HD. How do I limit this so the program doesn't go balistic and fill up every slice of space I have with all that I've downloaded? It would be nice if I could "click on" or tag individual mods that I want to always have fully extracted and ready for me to click on "add to simulator" versus other mods that I don't mind waiting for the program to go through the process of extracting each time I want to use the mod (for example the new most excellent Hawaii Oahu Mod which is some 6+ GB all by itself in condensed form in six plus parts...but just too big for me to extract completely unless I really want to use it).

Hi Shay

I hope you are keeping well.

Is there any chance that you could make it possible for the library to be formed of folders on more than one disk? It would need the repositioning of addons to stay on the disk on which they originated rather than be moved to just one of them.

Just an idea as I am running out of space on my flight sim drive and would like to spread it out a bit.



Amazing how much this addon does. It is really great, thank you!

Is there any way to accomplish bulk tagging? ie: selecting multiple indexes and adding/removing a common tag for all?

Aha! States! Many countries have states, or their equivalent, including Australia, Great Britain, Eire, France, Germany, Brazil, and most of the republics that made up the old USSR (they are called Oblasts).

Pretty please?

Isnt it quite simmilar to MSFS Addon Linker?

Message from the developer: The context menu that appears when right clicking an addon contains "Shuffle" option which lets you replace thumbnails which are not appropriate for their addons or just plain ugly. The thumbnail would not be updated only for you, but for all new users of the application & for all later addons refreshes; Therefore please use it wisely - for yours and all other users' benefit.

I wonder it this is this the only app that can get data from Asobo's "bespoke" airports and airport bought via Store. That's a very much appreciated feature. I wish you could teach the techique for the developers of Volanta, LittleNavMap or other apps that try to display addon airports.

It should be somewhere but I do not find the information: How to manage multiple input sources for sceneries ? I have sceneries spltted in 2 SSD and one HDD.

Thanks again for your wonderful worlk for the community.

Hello, is there a way to disable Addons via the program instead of just deleting?

Hi Shay

Just FYI, on each of the last 2 days (new version) your app has crashed on close (showing as not responding) and has taken my whole system with it (I can't call up task manager to close it, and I can't power down). I have had to use my power button to close down my pc. Not sure why. Just thought you should know.



Message from the developer: The latest release (7) uses art painting as thumbnails for all addons. To use realistic thumbnails instead, go to the "List" section in the Settings tab & uncheck "Art Thumbnails" option.

hi, looking good, but i have some custom and by some vendors made symlinks. will it see everything? i don't need control by soft. but i need check some errors by the soft. is ti possible?

Message From the Developer: On restart, last release presents a splash screen of "Art Edition" which is coming soon, but not yet released; My mistake..

Valuable tool!

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  • Version 7.6.2 November 27, 2022

    FEATURE: Support .bgl mapping for long file path
    UPDATE: Support tagging Aircraft\Fighter\AV–8B Harrier II, Amphibious\Ultralight Flying Boat, TurboProp\Embraer EMB 312 Tucano
    BUG-FIX: Some shortcuts marked green but were not immediately created

  • Version 7.6.1 November 26, 2022

    FEATURE: More efficient handling of database queries
    FEATURE: Elaborate errors transmitted to database
    UPDATE: Airport database

  • Version 7.5.9 November 24, 2022

    FEATURE: Recommandations without webPage reference eliminated
    UPDATE: All SimPlaza references removed due to copyright protection issues and no new ones will be added
    UPDATE: Airports database
    BUG-FIX: File queing error
    BUG-FIX: Unreadable jsons stop execution
    BUG-FIX: Title wording may cause error in some rare situations

  • Version 7.5.8 November 24, 2022

    BUG-FIX: Watchers for junctions with non-existing target may have been created
    BUG-FIX: Exported flight plans were not working for [MountedSourceFolder] parameter
    BUG-FIX: Export flight plans may have occured more then once at the same time
    BUG-FIX: Shortcut creation may have occured more then once at the same time
    BUG-FIX: Auto generated flight plans reactivated
    BUG-FIX: Rare error when looking for distance locations to remove
    BUG-FIX: Stop broadcasting "Thread was being aborted" exceptions, even in foreign languages
    BUG-FIX: Some unreadable .jsons cause errors instead of adding unreadable .json issue
    BUG-FIX: Empty execution path prevent

  • Version 7.5.7 November 23, 2022

    BUG-FIX: Remote error detection failure
    BUG-FIX: "New version tag" issue is not added when addon's source archive is not defined
    BUG-FIX: Some errors are thrown while adding content item
    BUG-FIX: Stop broadcasting "Thread was being aborted" exceptions
    FEATURE: Prevent Flight Plans folder from being inner folder of the Source Folder

  • Version 7.5.4 November 22, 2022

    FEATURE: Four statistics added to statistics tab: Active Visits, Complete Visits, Actions, Last Visit Actions

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