Beavertail Lighthouse was built in 1856 and is the premier lighthouse in Rhode Island, marking the entrance to Narragansett Bay. The Breakers is a Gilded Age mansion that was built in 1895 as a summer residence for the wealthy Vanderbilt family. It has 70 rooms, 138,300 square feet and a footprint of 1 acre. It is situated on cliffs overlooking the Atlantic Ocean.

Runway that departs in the direction of the flight plan: 22

Distance: 17 miles

No navigation or GPS instruments are required; simply follow the on-screen markers.

Do not engage the copilot or autopilot. They may alter or suppress waypoints.

MSFS settings for the best experience with this flight plan: Options > Assistance Options >

  • Piloting > AI Radio Communications (ATC) > Off (required to properly display the waypoints)
  • Navigation Aids > Route and Waypoints > On
  • Points of Interest > Landmark Markers > On
  • Points of Interest > City Markers = Off (optional - declutters the screen)
  • Points of Interest > Display Direction to Chosen POI > Off (disables the confusing destination marker)
  • Points of Interest > Display All Labels > Off
  • User Experience > ATC Enforce Flight Plan > On (prevent current conditions from overriding selected runway number)

How to Use This Flight Plan

  • Unzip the downloaded file into any folder.
  • The flight plan is the file that has the “ .pln ” filename extension.
  • MSFS > Welcome tab > World Map > Press Spacebar twice (More > Load) > Load From ...
  • Navigate to where you saved the flight plan and select it.
  • In the "From" airport, select the departure runway (provided in this description, above).
  • Click on the Flight Conditions window at the top right to adjust time and month.
  • Click on "Fly" at the bottom right of the screen.