Long Beach Airport KLGB GSX Pro Profile:

Created By US Profiles

 Created For KLGB By Skyline Simulations: View it here


 Profile Features:

  • Custom vehicle placement based on real-life
  • Walking paths for passengers boarding and deboarding inside the terminal
  • Real-life handling agents at all gates
  • Airline Codes at all gates
  • Custom pushback according to real-life procedures
  • Accurate stop positions based on ground markings (PMDG 737 at all gates)

To install, extract the .zip and move the .ini AND .py file inside to the following route:

\Users\Your Username\AppData\Roaming\virtuali\GSX\MSFS

Ensure you only have one profile per airport.

An instruction manual is provided within the .zip.


  • Walkers may collide with walkers/fences, I tried my best to prevent this.
  • Gate 4 passengers will have to walk a lot due to the airport not having a realistic fence


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 Enjoy - US Profiles