This library contains objects that have been created as part of the development of Minnesota Scenery Design airports, KDYT, 25D Forest Lake, KDLH Duluth etc,  Some of the models are now only available in this library, so our airports may be dependent on having this library installed.

Particular SimObjects are:

Airport Beacons that flash white/green and have a rotating head and:

  • no maintenance basket around the lamp.
  • maintenance basket around the lamp

BlueReflectiveMarker, which appears to illuminate only when the Taxi or Landing lights are turned on.

Roof_AC, which has rotating fans. (Silly, but if you get really close)

Umbrella, which is closed until the weather warms up.

Windsock that is orange and:

  • Lit
  • Unlit
  • Lit with indicator lamp.


  • A 16' x 10f tee that indicates which runway is in use.

Please note, that due to a vagary of Asobo, the windsocks need to be placed at 180 degrees  .


An experiment to see if a rotating reflector could amplify the light output.


Float Plane Floats

Gas Storage and Pump

Open Structure Water Tower

Side Bar 250ft Power Transmission

Top Bar 250ft Power Transmission

Spherical Water Tower

Typical Minnesota Water Tower

Version 1.2


96 Inch Ceiling fan with temperature control set to 74F

Up and Over Garage Doors with automation

Runway Safety Wig Wag Lights

Scenery Objects:

32x14ft- Pergola

Chevron Road Sign

Dist Remaining Signs (Double Sided)

Five Inch Traffic Bollard

Man Hole Cover

Fire Hydrant

Rail Tanker (burnt and rusty)

Dummy Practice Plane for fire service practive

PadMounted Transformer

Roof Vent (Stainless)