Enhanced Live Traffic

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Version 2.3
Első kiadás July 03, 2021
Utolsó frissítés August 10, 2021
Fájl mérete 2.36 MB
Downloads 14,317
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  • Version 2.3 August 10, 2021

    - SU5 Compatible
    - Better model matching for B737
    - Altitude should now match real life :)

  • Version 2.2 July 18, 2021

    - Added a User Manual
    - Fixed the flying aircraft
    - Better model matching

  • Version 2.1 July 14, 2021

    Better model matching for IVAO and 3rd party planes.
    Height of the planes should be more accurate now.

  • Version 2.0 July 12, 2021

    - You can now view all the aircraft that are spawned in the application.
    - Further improved IVAO liveries support
    - Added support for https://flightsim.to/file/8970/airbus-h135-helicopter-project and Aerosoft Aircraft CRJ 550/700

  • Version 1.9 July 11, 2021

    Fixed airplane flight level.
    Added more planes to model matching
    Added support for IVAO Liveries??

  • Version 1.8 July 09, 2021

    Further improved model matching
    Added logging files
    Fixed Invalid ID errors

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652 Megjegyzések

bro i really love this addon but please fix the teleporting bug ):

was working perfect.. but now all i see is the plane number and no liverie or plane ?


how do i see planes with real liveries?

all ai trafic is A320 neo

for some reason there was a 320 neo klm in Orlando executive and all of the 320's are house or klm livery for me

I don't know what's going on, but it doesn't work very well. on VFR MAP you can see the planes, the online ones I think but certainly the real ones. the problem is that they can only be seen on VFR MAP, in the sky, next to the plane I am piloting, absolutely nothing can be seen. until update 6 it worked OK.

P.S. I use AddonsLinker, I guess the problem may be HERE?

I have installed everything per the tutorial on YouTube; however, when I run Enhanced Live Traffic, it crashes after less than a minute without ever showing any spawned aircraft. I do see some traffic at O'Hare; however, I only see traffic for United, American and literally three international flights. No other flights show up.

I don't see any new traffic after clicking CONNECT even though it lists up to 40 planes. What should my Traffic Settings be in Options?

First thank you for the addon but the take offs are really slow + when I enter the 3D mod in flightradar24 I noticed that the taxi is smooth in comparison with the sim addon

how can I lower the ai altitude? it seems too high from the real altitude.

Aircraft don't move fluently, they move every one minute or so from one place to another, as if they are transporting, how to fix?

I have two questions.

1: I cant see any planes landing. Suddenly they are at the end of the runway and start taxi to gate. Is this a known bug?

2: I dont understand the thing with the liveries. Is it reading from the IVAO file? I dont know how to change the modelmatching, is there a guide? 😊

any body has the issue of the ai plane moving then freezing, then moving and freezing on and on? Or is it just me!



12 day(s) ago / Megköszönte MrProper

Really interesting addition to the sim. Great work. Hopefully in the future we can have nametags so we can find specific aircraft at airports. My brother is a real world pilot for Virgin Atlantic. He sometimes sends me a message just before he's about to take off at Heathrow and I fire up the sim and go and find him so I can take off along side his plane.

Hi i am getting simconnect:unrecognized_id in the error box is there a way to fix this please? many thanks

Amazing mod!

Is there a way to fix a broken skin? In Brazil some LATAM and AZUL planes are with incorrect skins.




14 day(s) ago / Megköszönte MrProper

great mod, hopefully one day the planes will move smoothly when taxing . I am occasionally getting doubles of planes that keep moving after it's double has parked.



14 day(s) ago / Megköszönte MrProper


First of all, I really appreciate your work mate. Outstanding use of SimConnect. But the constant teleporting is a no-go and makes your mod unfortunately unuseable for me. Nevertheless I give you the five stars. You deserved it. Maybe one day, you´ll find a way to solve the teleporting issues. If Asobo wouldn´t have f...k up the AI traffic since day one, we all would not still sit here and try find some workarounds for problems that shouldn´t exist et all. Maybe the folks from AIG will sort her problems out in the comming months and will provide a functional AI traffic system.

Anyway, keep up your work.

Greets from Germany



14 day(s) ago / Megköszönte MrProper

The Reno Air Races start in just a couple of days now. September 15-19. Mr. Proper’s Enhanced Live Traffic is working great in WU6 so we might be able to watch the races virtually. Best learn how to edit model matching if you don’t already know or you’ll probably be seeing lots of Airbuses rounding the pylons or doing STOL racing. I think this is a first for flight simulation, too. Blurring the lines with reality… Be sure to get Dantesmante’s Stead scenery too! It has all the pylons and STOL race gates in their correct locations. It may not work quite right due to latencies and the turns, but it should still give a show!

Hi there. thanks for this MOD its a great add on. i want to know if this prog will keep running in the background or will it show the list of live aircraft at the airport on the prog display??

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