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MSFS 2020 object library with 200+ models from towers hangars to cones (v14 adds fences)

Object library with a variety of useful objects designed to be frame rate friendly using LOD (level of detail) so simple models used in longer distances. Smaller objects will not disappear in short distance due to the addition of large triangles underground. ...

A oldalról

Object libraries for scenery developers.
Version 14 adds mesh-grey and low-mesh fences (31 models) improves chainlink gates + new 4m chainlink gate.

There are 11 open hangar objects based on 'Open Hangar Library' by Windhover who has generously supplied the raw Blender files for others to use. These look identical to the originals but have been heavily modified to be frame rate friendly. The triangle count is reduced by more than 40% plus LOD (Level Of Detail) simpler models produced which are used as the viewing distance increases. Final long distance models have only 15 triangles.

All objects in these libraries will be used in my own sceneries and the result of 100s hrs of effort.  All objects from the real world. All objects use LOD (Level Of Detail) to keep frame rates high. Final long distance models have a large triangle added below ground to stop them disappearing in the distance. PBR materials used extensively. Included are 2 PDF files with photos of every object to make selection easy. Republish these files in any freeware scenery if required. 
READ "read me library instructions" before using.

    Cones x4 Gables x3
    Church   x1
    Fences (14 types farm chainlink x4  mesh x4 hand-rail horse paling cattle_grid) x128
    Flag pole   x1
    Fuel_Signs_ x6
    Fuel_area_pipes x2
    Gas (petrol) station   x3
    Gliders x4   Hang-gliders x2   Paragliders x2
    Flying:-  Gliders x 4   Hang-gliders x 4   Paragliders x 4
    Glider trailers x4
    Grain storage    hoppers   silos    x 4
    Power poles  x2
    Rail  platforms  station   x5
    Rail  locomotive passenger_carriage  grain_hoppers   x5
    Towers_radio   x6
    Weather station small   x4
    Windsock x3  Windsock-light x1

    Animals - Cows x2   Sheep
    Grain bunkers   - large piles of grain covered with canvas  x5
    Hangars  small airfield  x15
    Hangars-open  small airfield x11
    Hay bales x10
    Length-measure x1  to measure lengths in MSFS
    Medical transfer station (building) x2
    Obstacle-light  x10
    People (animated) x5   Men Women      
    Pivot irrigator   x3
    Sheds    x10
    Shelters x2
    Terminals  - small airfield x12
    Towers water x4
    Tractors farm x3
    Water tanks x3

library hangar train tower windsock people animal tank terminal silo fence church gas-station tower-water glider shed tractor cone gable
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June 08, 2021
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21 day(s) ago — 14.1



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  • Updated to version 14.1

  • Updated to version 13.4

  • Updated to version 13.3

  • Updated to version 13.2

  • Updated to version 13.1

  • Updated to version 12.1

  • Initial File Release

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134 Megjegyzések

There is no need to change the folder name after every single update.

Very good job thanks to share

Hey Colin, this is great work on your part - THANK YOU.

I have two questions...

  1. I thought I would use the alternate method of installation - but I do not see actual png texture files, but I do see them noted in the read-me text. - where would they be?
  2. Have you ever thought of adding other animals? I sure could use a black or brown bear standing on all four legs (not raised up)

Why so many releases one after the other?. Something wrong?

Thank you very much for this great Library

still causing a crash for dx12 please fix


Thanks for the library! It has been a great help! With the latest release, however, I see the Windsocks (x3) and Windsock Light in the PDF documentation, but only Windsock Light appears in the list in the ReadMe, the ModelLib1 and the scenery editor. So, perhaps the Windsocks themselves were mistakenly excluded? They were there a couple days ago in an earlier release.

causes a crash when using dx12 and dlss. dx11 works fine

@ colinj,

Excellent work...very much appreciated...

Don't forget to update the version number in the manifest.json file.

library1v13-cbj is OK



Here it shows version number 13.1, but shows 0.1.0 in the manifest.

Nice update but the obstacle flashing light becomes really big when am 10km away in the day time I still see large white things above my city buildings if you have discord can you please contact me yahya#6176

Gets better with every iteration. Thank you again.

It would be so great if you didn't rename your folders with the version number. Keeping them consistent ensures no duplicates are installed. Thanks

Can you please package it within one folder in the zip so it doesn't unzip into 4 different folders, 2 pdfs and a text file.

Gliders were in version 12, but you say that gliders were added in version 13. I'm confused. 😊

Hello did you find a solution for the big light in the distance

Merci de rendre notre simulateur toujours plus riche! 😊

Fantastic but can you please fix the obstacles steady/flashing lights LOD they look good at night but in the morning when I get far the light bulbs get really big can you make them invisible when I get far but can still see the lights ? Thanks for the awesome addon

Excellent - thanks for doing this.

@ colinj,

Excellent work...

Don't forget to update the version number in the manifest.json file.

Here it shows version number 12.1, but shows 0.1.0 in the manifest.

superbe travail merci beaucoup !!!

Ezek a tételek jelenleg a listán vannak, és hamarosan feldolgozásra kerülnek!
Javaslatok, hibák és ötletek a jövőre nézve.

  • Version 14.1 November 06, 2022

    Added 2 new fence types low-mesh mesh-grey improved chainlink gates added 4m gate

  • Version 13.4 October 02, 2022

    missing the windsocks for version 13.3 - now in this one

  • Version 13.3 October 01, 2022

    IMPORTANT information added to 'visual guides' on Object lights and Flying gliders about SimObject bugs + minor change to Flagpole model

  • Version 13.2 September 30, 2022

    IMPORTANT information added to 'visual guides' on Object lights and Flying gliders about SimObject bugs

  • Version 13.1 September 24, 2022

    added SimObject versions of Obstacle-Lights and Gliders which now have time of day functions + measure object

  • Version 12.1 July 11, 2022

    Added flying gliders paragliders hang gliders plus some hay bales

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Read the 'read me' file


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