Wow - takes me back a long time - really nice job ! Any chance to get the rail bridge added ?

I think so, till the dev make a new version i think

Can you make liveries for all the Indian airlines?? They are in VERY high demand...not a single livery yet for some of the biggest 737 operators e.g. Jet Airways, Spicejet. Vistara & Indian Air Force BBJ also there. The whole community wants them so will be really grateful if you choose to make them.

Talvez esteja cometendo algum erro...mas....esse cenário não é pago?

Is there maybe a way to keep the original colours in combinations with your modifications?

красавчик. если бы ты еще сделал а/к Россия то тебе вообще бы цены не было. Я оставил запрос https://ru.flightsim.to/request/livery/13679/air-russia

I have tried multiple versions of 5.0 and my security blocks it every time I' am not lowering my security to run your program. I will stick with your older version. Do not get me wrong or be offended I like your program I just do not believe in compromising my computer.

Hi there, would you mind explaining what direction display is? I haven't been active on the game for months so I might not be aware of new features in the game or add-on.

Bonjour et merci !

On a déjà l'aéroport de Magenta, il ne manque plus que Tontouta et le paint de l'A330 !

Bare in mind that my bush-strips are completely fictional and won´t be mentioned at www.aterriza.org


Теперь бы ещё а/к «Россия»)

Great livery thanks, would it be possible to tone down the mirror like quality in the great to a more matt finish? Also some strange texture on the engine cowling.

Thanks again

That looks great. Thank you very much for this and your always top services.

I flew this plane with chunky and a group a few days ago on spectacular flight The Icon A5 mod is a blast to fly. It has some real pretty liveries in the separate pack

if you need more information about spanish aerodromes you can fint it at www.aterriza.org

Не работает. В папку закинул не дало результатов, потом в комьюнити закинул, тоже ничего.

Nice, BBJ version please, White with the Orange and the blues fancy cheatline, Or just a thin line down the fuselage, And a little BritishAvgeek sticker next to the door.

Sadly it doenst work for me. I deleted the Rolling Chache, installed the 8k Version, used a Livery with a brown Cockpit, but the textures are the same old.

thank you for pointing this out, i used the west jet livery to test the livery before i put it into its own file just to save me a lot of hassle so it must have transferred over, ill sort this out and have it completed by the end of the day

Perfect - I was waiting for that one. Looks great on the Fulcrum.

This is quite nice, making a collection of various 146 liveries. I wonder though... is it possible to do VH-SFW? With the orange and white livery? Kind of the inverse of this livery.

Nice, Thanks a lot, Are you able to paint windows down the full fuselage?

So it looks like a Clipper and still has the door?

or create it as a 700 and just paint the cargo door on??

Great work on all the detail and weathering, these are the quality liveries im looking for. Please make more.

I like this nose hope there will be more liveries for freighters

EGTH shows up as Hatfield, but it will load as Old Warden. You need to troubleshoot your Community folder.

i try Direction display does not work stuck

Thank you, nice livery 😊 but there is an unexpected WestJet logo near 1L door

Great work ! congrats and you managed to get rid of Asobo's snow covering everything, that's awsome 😊.