Thank you!

Planned for sure but most of them are with Sharklets so probably i‘m going to wait for the update but lets see 😀

thanks for this info... i'll try to inspect and update

Thanks for the kind words! I have 2 liveries remaining (FL and LA) and once I complete those, I was planning on doing a SWA "Special Livery" pack. The remaining specials have been postponed slightly while I update all my current liveries, but it is a goal of mine.

Thanks! I wanted to pull my hair out a few times working on this livery so I'll likely give it a little break before doing it again. I've got some updates I'm working on for the -700s and a few other plans here and there, but assuming the LU 737 gets updated (if not, can work with the Zibo) I do eventually want to port my work back over to X-Plane, though that may take some time.

Hi Dan

this is fantastic. I just downloaded and took off from 16 in rain. Taxiways and runways and surrounding aprons, hangars, tower etc are fabulous. If you can just get the terminals (with help as you say), you'll have a 1st class product. It just looks great.

Hi! Great livery! I was wondering if you would make the same livery for XP11? If not it's fine. I'd just like to know if you are or not.

Thanks so much for this livery. I wish there was a pack available for all the SWA "State" liveries.

Thanks, i will check it out!

Thank you for the WU11 fixes, especially the CAM9 and CYHC seaplane fixes and finally changing incorrect US 8 runways to Canadian 08 runways!


Love this pack any chance you can do a version with all the special a320 liveries

This one was missing. Nice work! Thank you.

Thanks for your work. Maybe you could change the page title to reflect the increase in airfields which is now more than the 12 advertised?

No pressure 😊 have so many more to upload currently at my limit for the day lol

Can we please get this on xbox? I would love to get the SDANG liveries on xbox, maybe try contacting SC designs do a collab since you already have the livery.

Southwest Airlines (Heart blue) for the BAe 146 -100, 200 and 300 if possible thanks

Try to clean cache (C:\Users\@[email protected]\AppData\Local\.marble\data\maps\earth\openflightmaps) after change AIRAC, works for me right now

Thanks, beautiful. But what is the name of the atoll on screen captures please ?

Yes agreed, a very bad joke, I like the newer version instead of the robin egg version

Ok, thank you for the quick response 😊

Shame there isn't anything for the default Baron as the lights are completely useless and you can't fly at all even at dusk.

Thank you very much for your information. I did not know that. I will do another update (v1.2) and finish this livery. Thank you and thank you for correcting your review.

Can you make one with just only one winglet like the -700. Thanks so much!

No I do not use a tool. Should I place it in community or inside PMDG 737 file?


Hope it won't really happen.

I saw your user screenshot upload, they are stunning!

I had never been to the cockpit of a SU-57. Not really sure about how to make them look better.... Let me think about it.....

Air Richelieuuuuuu <3 Flying on those two as well 😀

hmmm thats an interesting thought, i may have to test some things, for example just making them 'flyable' without a cockpit may be an easy task

it may even be possible to alias a cockpit without actually rebuilding anything (needs some testing and likely wont 'lign up')

this particular project was not really an attempt 'to bring in generic aircraft' but rather a test for some aircraft development practice

thank you for the comment, i will be looking into this further

I still after reading this (above) can not figure out how to make one of liveries - St Barts, into a black panel instead or the default light color. Which files(s) do i replace to accomplish that?

yes i did right i threw it in the community folder

Really good job on the design. Only issues I see are the aircraft seem to taxi to the very end of the runway instead of getting off at the first exit they can. The other issue seems to be the dash-8 parking area (94,95-A,95-B) which the aircraft just sit outside the perimeter or get stuck inside, maybe a broken taxi line.

Nforce Thanks for the great addition to my IAC fleet 😊 Andy_g from boards

I fixed all the walk-in gates - I can send you a file. Now the actual stair location isn't represented so the pax won't do a loop boarding the airplane, and it will support different sizes of aircraft. I also changed some vehicle locations to properly match and work on walk-in gates

Hello guys, I'm new here and new on MSFS, I want to know how I can add BAE 146 300QT to the game. If anyone can help please, I'll appreciate it.

Linda textura. Estou usando. Só acho que falta a textura noturna correta. A luz de logo no leme não aparece.