Im Aware of the livery being broken, i have not had time to update and make sure that it is working. Sorry guys.

Is there a way to integrate this with the FSUIPC7 Shortcut .bat already created by FSCUIPC7 I need run both reshade and FSCUIPC7 with a single shortcut

nice work

but I think there is an issue with "La Seyne-sur-Mer" in MSFS the ground texture are not that good (GPS 43.094989, 5.869780) thearea between fort balaguier and six four les plages

maybe you can fix that

best regards

My Wife was a Forestry firer fighter for 27 years. She and I really like your livery.

Thank you for your work on this livery.

How about one for a CRJ, or ATR?

Afrer downloading you need to extract the files using an app. On the Microsoft Store there are several free ones. I use one called BreeZip.

早々に修正していただけるなんて。ありがとうございます。琵琶湖も楽しませていただいています。特にグライダー場のトタン屋根が好きです。ひょっとしたら室内に自販機とか椅子とかあるんじゃないかと思いましたが笑 今後のリホームや増改築を楽しみにしています。

Not sure that i will ever use this paint, but it looks amazing !!

Most (if not all) 737s are invisible from the ivao pack after sim update 6. There's nothing we can do but hope that they release a patch. And I don't think this mod has any 757's just because AIG doesn't like people using their models for some reason.

Nice work, works well, just some trees on the field where they shouldn't be, I wouldn't pay money for that, not a good advertising. But... the tower was black and the hangars were more dark. There's a more accurate freeware on this site as your payware. Your payware isn't worth to buy with a white tower, do some reserch.

Ciao, complimenti per la riproduzione. Ti vorrei chiedere però un informazione su una cosa che ho notato. In pratica copiando il campo volo nella cartella Community si ottiene che il campo volo nella mappa del mondo è sovrapposto a quello esistente. Non dovrebbe sostituirlo? In altre parole vedo due campi volo sovrapposti nella mappa del mondo

There's been tons of progress down at Spaceport, Texas (Boca Chica) Hope to see some updates to this mod soon! Looks great can only imagine what you could make it look like with all the progress that SpaceX has made since you released this!

It is a shame you made this for Orbx scenery. Everyone does not purchase Orbx.

I do not have Orbx and experienced too many sim crashes to desktop. Removed your scenery.

I don't know, never thought of that. Probably not. I didn't realize when I made this there was another. I don't mean to be competition as that wouldn't be fair. I downloaded Sean's to see. Curious to find out. I'm testing it meow as I just finished my update, but I won't upload it, until I test this all out. I'll add a comment on my findings.(Update) - OK so they don't work together. I mean they do, but there is issues. What I mean by that is it has his lights and partially his markings, his has different locations of certain hangers and that blocks Hanger 713 and the area around it with trees and such. All of my parking spot/spawning aren't available. Including the docks and the helipad. It gets rid of the water runway as well from mine. Until there is a mutual fix, then I would suggest to use one or the other, not both as it seems to favor his parking spots over mine and some of the grass texturing from mine isn't there as well. Most if not all of my buildings are there, but some aren't anywhere near the spot I placed mine. Specifically the maintenance facility and the fueling station. It took me 10 minutes to notice all of this, but this was also after my fix to the water runway not working as intended. the update will fix that and I'll have that in a few minutes after I check it out and make sure it works now.

Your 46U and this scenery work together, no problem?

I would buy it, but not for $15 bucks. By comparison competitors have scenery packs for the city of Chicago that include a lot of bridge fixes along with road fixes and new buildings for the SAME PRICE. As a life long sales guy, let me give you a tip. If you lower the individual unit cost you will move much more inventory. If this bridge pack was $5 bucks you would probably sell 10x the number of units than you are at $15. Work on your prices and I will buy your New York and Pittsburgh packages. If you did a Baltimore package where you fixed the port cranes and bridges I would buy that too.

Thanks for the awesome livery, what's the best way to get into the cabin?

Is the helicopter the payware version? I was going to buy it but I did not see the configuration I see in the photo.

I can't manage to change the altitude for autopilot. Is it functional?

I am not sure about this, you can check it yourself to make sure

My only suggestion is that you give the ships individual hull numbers and it would be perfect.

Thanks for that fix I'll check it out. Did it fix the color of the lights too? I was getting orange instead of white lights on the overhead buttons and then the gear lights were orange at some point as well. Can't remember if it was during the transition of extending/retracting or if it was once it was in a locked position.

Awesome Sauce!! If I get to 100 downloads on day 1 I'm definitely putting in the update tonight! TY all for the support, and I'll support this project till I Dev no more... Going to fix the lights on the Helipad as I had to raise the ground for t to be able to take off from it like you do and that messed with how the lights were and I didn't change them in my haste. Hindsight is a wonderful thing and the ability to fix it is another! BTW fixing the water runway right now. The docks work, but takeoff from the water runway only - isn't advised at the moment. Oh and those horses that are big as trees, those are Clydesdales... lol. The other ones are my little ponies 😉

What settings have to be on/off in MSFS in order for the audio to work?

cheers, this bridge has always been a thorn in my side. (if there's ever problems with crashes it's always this file that causes it)

I've been meaning to redo and recompile it for ages, performance should be improved a bit too as I dropped the polygon count a bit and I also added different LOD models

...genau richtig! Muss gerade bei der nächsten Leg (IVAO) hier landen 😊) besten Dank!

  • Flew around it today and landed at EKRS ..no Problems no CTD all good 😊 seems to agree 😊

New version available.. candidates are removed.. billboards updated

They are default taxi ways so this must be a sim issue I didn’t customize them try exiting the airport and enter again

Thanks. Glad you like it and that I'm not only one finding those little things useful 😊

This looks great! I downloaded the files and created a sign, but not being a developer, I'm not sure how to complete the instructions. Can you elaborate a bit with maybe some examples? Thanks.

Naudoji WinRAR programa? Jei taip, tai turi leist tiesiog uzdaryt ta langa, kur raso, kad free trial pasibaige. Ir tada turi leist extractint

Nu nezinau, kolkas planuose nera dar pas mane Palangos oro uosta padaryt. Dar cia Vilniui pilna darbu bus. Bet jei niekas kitas nepadarys, tai gal veliau ir as padarysiu