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EDDN "Albrecht Dürer" Airport is the international airport of the city of Nürnberg and the second largest airport in Bavaria. Several airlines operate to and from this airport to domestic German and European destinations. Intercontinental long-haul flights are also offered. Among other things, the airport has a modern glassed-in terminal, an architecturally eye-catching tower, numerous hangars and a large air cargo area.  With a length of 2700 m and a width of 45 m, even wide-bodied aircraft such as the B747 can land on the runway without any problems.


  • more than 70 unique buildings
  • realistic sloped runway and apron
  • terminal and tower with interior
  • detailed apron
  • correct taxiway signs
  • immersive lighting
  • high res PBR textures


  • This airport is only available for Microsoft Flight Simulator!
  • Required hard disk space: 1.08 GB

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December 12, 2021

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