Lask AB built for the vTAC deployment to Poland.


32nd Air Base (Polish: 32. Baza Lotnicza) (ICAO: EPLK) is a Polish Air Force base, located in Łask, about 30 km south-west of Łódź. It is one of the two bases where Poland's F-16 fighters are stationed, the other being 31st Air Base. 9 of them were first moved there in October 2008.[3] The goal is to have 16 fighters, operated by the 10th Tactical Squadron.

A detachment of the US Air Force has been permanently based at Łask since November, 2012.[4] Additional units rotate to the base periodically to conduct training exercises. The force is thought to be nuclear-capable and has joined nuclear exercises with NATO.[5]

The base airfield was built in 1957.[6] The current base unit, combining infrastructure and ground personnel, was formed in 2001.


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